This blog may be called a blog hodgepodge , sometimes talking about God , sometimes vicious ; today’s discussion profiles of successful people , tomorrow’s ground coffee and get-togethers ; the adventures of talk time , other times an afterthought . Yes it is , without limit .

dodi-merenungDodi Merenung Inti blogging for me is that I can write what troubles my mind . When the call to write call , my fingers would simply pressing the keys on the laptop keyboard . In contrast , although the theme is updated before the eyes of thousands of bloggers , framed hundreds of photographers , but still difficult when I do not feel called . For me blogging is to be created from the heart .

Based on the daily activities that I live , the following is a description of the categories that I choose to posting a blog post :

1 . Blogging
As a blogger who is enjoying the world of blogging , I am compelled to share my knowledge so that other bloggers enjoy blogging activity . When we enjoy, we will give our best in our communities .

2 . Communities
Community who ignited the spirit writes a blogger . Therefore whenever possible I will write the things I learned from gathering activities in some communities that I follow .

3 . Adventure
Tells the story of a place would be endless as long as we take a different angle than the other storytellers . Whether it’s in the city center are deaf or in the quiet countryside . All of creating lessons for my trip .

4 . Profile
In fact many people around us who can inspire others to work in his life , and I want them to be widely known inspiration – inspiration in our lives .

5 . Poems
I find it easier to create than writing poetry berparagraf – paragraphs . For me, writing poetry is crystallization cenforce prijs , more weight and produced more meaning than the writing . And surprisingly , I find it easier to make than a gloomy poem poems cheerful .

6 . Meditations
The best human is a human is most beneficial to others. So in daily activities , I would like to share contemplation or reflection about life .

7 . Review
Can vary . Maybe I ‘ll discuss the books that have been read , the music , credit card , or any objects that are around me .

Last update : August 26, 2009