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When reading posts about the blogger friends waning concerns the values ​​of Indonesian identity as a nation , I suddenly very smothering jealousy . I envy how Mr Sawali , MBA Maya , Mas Itempoeti , and other bloggers trying to ` think ` something to contribute ideas and thoughts in accordance with their respective fields . Until at one moment , I promised myself that I would want to donate one writing as a form of shared concern .

Restoring National Identity
Restore Identity BangsaMeski I have not been interested in taking direct his SEO contest , I support the spirit of this contest was echoed by bawdy amid the scars our lives as a nation will thrive once considered ` large ` . And find deBlogger as my container and blogger friends Depok to ` do something ‘ , I think this is what we can offer : earthing back to share the spirit of the people of Indonesia . And as a first step , 19 members deBlogger hold social events in a nursing home Majesty Business Foundation , located on Jl . Neat no.20 , cottage Lightning , Sawangan Depok on September 5 . This series of events coordinated by Mirma Yudha Ferdowsi. Viagra ist das beliebteste Markenmedikament auf dem Markt für erektile Dysfunktion und hat vielen Männern mit ED geholfen. Benötigen Sie Hilfe, um herauszufinden, welches ED-Medikament für Sie das richtige ist? https://erektile-apotheke.de/ Vereinbaren Sie jetzt einen einfachen Online-Termin mit einem unserer Ärzte oder Krankenpfleger. Wir wissen, wie wichtig Privatsphäre und Diskretion für Ihre sexuelle Gesundheit sind.

Sharing Love in a nursing home
Share CintaPanti in charge of 18 grandparents is located quite far from the city center of Gurgaon . Board parlors that we inform our arrival in the afternoon put the grandparents home in the hall . At the beginning of the show , they like the crowd was stunned to see that we bring there . Nervousness when they begin to melt together Eka Mas Nira sang one of the popular song Ebiet G.Ade , Say Source Make Dad . The song is still a favorite of mine to donate respectfully bow down to my father (other memories of his father ‘s voice Together Brotherhood ) .

Entering the old songs like Memories of the Way or pair of Eye Ball some grandparents are starting to show their memories to those songs . Even Oma Lastri over the age of 80 years with fluent and melodious singing Red Bridge . How touching when I asked myself when was the last they could sing and dance with this freely .

If colleagues are wondering is there any unexpected things done by them , the answer is certainly no . There Opa and Oma Lastri Beard confessed mortal enemy but sat huddled integral and visible (denial : – P ) , which at the beginning of Oma Amoy just scowled but suddenly menceracau and sing in Chinese , or a sudden Opa invites all members sing deBlogger Flirt Coconut Island although the show had closed . Ah they are still formidable , man ! ( rock )

Once the visit is complete , all members also trooped back toward deBlogger headquarters in KedaiQu . Here we also met some other deBlogger to hold Iftar .

Togetherness style deBlogger

Der aktive Wirkstoff in Generisches Rybelsus ist Semaglutid, ein GLP-1-Rezeptoragonist, der speziell zur Verbesserung der Blutzuckerkontrolle bei Erwachsenen mit Typ-2-Diabetes entwickelt wurde https://abcgesundheit.com/rybelsus-semaglutid-kaufen/. Semaglutid fördert die Insulinausschüttung in Abhängigkeit von der Blutzuckerkonzentration, was hilft, den Blutzuckerspiegel zu senken und ein gesünderes Gleichgewicht zu erreichen.

Observing that deBlogger have a member who used to document weddings , Ramadoni , we also mendaulatnya entire frame to frame events in a video format . Carrying the spirit of togetherness as a big family , size 27MB video is also used in the entire post with the headline deBlogger deBlogger Sharing the holy month simultaneously on Tuesday, September 8th 22:00 hours :

How comrades , were attracted to the opa and oma share common elsewhere ? Or share food for pedicab driver on the outskirts of the archipelago Way ? Or help school-age children who excel but can not afford to pay for school ? Feel free to join us , Extended Family Blogger Depok .

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Paper Boat Menepinya

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When I read the Paper Boat downloaded a site almost a year ago ( sorry Dee ) , at the end of my reading tertohok when it realized that the last two chapters of this book are not included . For some reason . And because I was too lazy to subscribe to the digital version , I decided to wait for the publication of the book in the printed version . After all, I think it should I buy to appreciate the hard work during the writing Dee . After drawling appointment time publisher , Paper Boat was completed pulled over on August 28, 2009 in the nearest bookstores .

In Love with Kugy
Boat KertasDi initial reading of this book , I wondered to myself this was written by Dee ? Koq it feels much lighter than when he ” became ” Bodhi Root or Etra The Lightning ( two sequels Supernova ) . Procession reading was completed in a matter of hours because besides mild language , the story was close to everyday people . About the struggle of love Kugy and Keenan . About those who do not like the uniformity of life . About how they deal with surprise after surprise in their ‘ relationship ‘ .

I fell in love with Kugy , definitely . One of the characters of the women I love . How it is she and her passion to the world of children until he chose to teach children in remote villages can not afford . ` Difference ‘ , that’s what I like .

55 + + Days
Dee makes media blogs as a means to tell the vagaries of writing paper boat in the period October 2007 – March 2008 . I remembered how she looked Head Quarter ( read : living in boarding houses ) , and reminisce with Rida Sita to then get stuck in between Slanker and Viking , and how when the target finally finish writing the book was originally 55 days stretched into 60 days . I really enjoyed the stories . Note : all the stories that he wrote in a blog .

Well , for you are somewhat ilfeel with the severity of Supernova , this book is highly recommended to read. Guaranteed refreshing your mind ! Those who have been or are being read , can share the impression after reading it here . For Dee , congratulations for his paper boat and I am still waiting patiently for her Particles .

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BBC, Bekasi Blogger Community

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Underlying the BBC has been used by broadcasting stations in the UK , and also by some other bloggers community in Indonesia , the community board finally decided to change the name of the community into which is an acronym Blog Be Bekasi Blogger and invitation to blog . Thank you for the confirmation of the board behind Be Blog : Yul Mas , Mas Irfan , and Mr. Aris Heru .

Blogger BekasiAkhirnya acronym in the world of blogging Jabodetabek Indonesia terlengkapi too . After the advent of the BHI communities and Bloggerjakarta ( Jakarta ) , Blogor ( Bogor ) , deBlogger ( Depok ) , and Fortress ( Tangerang ) , Bekasi was doing pre – launching their blogger community on August 17 last . By taking the name of Bekasi Blogger dot Com ( BBC ) , the community is expected to capture the aspirations of bloggers who are tied to this city . Currently , the board of the BBC being Actively disseminate it to the world community of Indonesian blogging with the motto : Penetrating the Boundary .

BBC and Kompasiana
Although the youngest age bloggernya community between the cities of Jakarta other buffer , the foundation of the BBC was not exactly kidding. Board members consist of senior bloggers are poor across the world of blogging as Mr. Emery Taufiq Gobel, whose blogs have recently won awards Healthy Internet , Mas Yulyanto active in the Asian Blogging Network or Mas Rawi active in the community Hands On Top ( TDA ) . Noted is the youngest board puty Karina , 3 Geological Engineering student at ITB . As Chairman of the BBC , Aris Heru Utomo , an active career in the State Department and Kompasiana . Diversified background promising synergy steady community .

One of the advantages compared to other communities BBC is full support from one of the national citizen journalism , Kompasiana . This is because some of its officials , including Kang Pepih Nugraha ( Kompas.com senior journalist ) , active filling writings there . With nationwide coverage it covers , is expected to echo the BBC can be recognized by other bloggers communities in Indonesia .

Launching plan
Pre Launching BBC

As another blogger community in Indonesia , the BBC also hope to establish cooperation with local authorities . Expected synergies between people , one of which is represented by the blogger with the government as the manager of the city of Bekasi could be established in the future . Currently BBC board also intensively disseminating this community to the local authority . Desire administrators grand launch event can be attended and the BBC inaugurated by the mayor of Bekasi , H.Mochtar Mohamad . Just waiting on the date of the inauguration of this community portal bloggerbekasi .

Synergy BBC and deBlogger
deBlogger | Blogger Community DepokSetelah berhuru – nutrient participate in their portal , I observe there is an interesting phenomenon of this community with an active community of bloggers who I am inside , deBlogger . If in deBlogger almost all active management is of the young bloggers , the BBC is dominated by the senior bloggers . As a member of the world community who are writhing this , I hope to be a good interface for synergy between communities : supporting each other and affect each other in order to realize the hope that the blog became one of alternative communication media that can be relied upon in the development in their respective cities .

The question raised in my mind is why the BBC’s take on the name ? While the name is already used by several community bloggers like BBC Bali , Borneo BBC , and the BBC Batam .

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Changing Strategies recitation Ramadan

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I still remember when I was sitting in 6th grade Emak make special cone for us because his mosque could mengkhatamkan Quran for the first time . One small celebration for her parents who still exist today in the corners of Bekasi hometown .

And I still remember well , when I read the Quran gives guidance to my friend , Erik , whose age within three years under me . I can not help but smile remembering the moment when I led her from Iqra 1 , encouraged him when he was a fool , and scolded when he repeatedly made ​​the same mistake . Ah finally taukah friend , it all paid off when he was succeeded mengkhatamkan Quran one year later .

Kisses Boy QuranBerbicara the recitations habits in Ramadan , I ask spirit menggebubu always after tarawih shortly after the first . Opening Manuscripts from the beginning , I immediately step on the gas completing the longest letter , Al- Baqarah . For later when myself busy with studying or working , the speed that had been in a state pol gas was slowly decreased and decreased until at the end of Ramadan . Although ultimately these lips smiled broadly when Manuscripts sheet touching verse ‘ Amma yatasaa aluun . Did comrades , when we reach the 30 juz finished it was like to run a marathon or climb a mountain . Felt relieved when the tongue is reading An Naas .

Where escape of spirit of Ramadan ?
Somehow , I often pondered why in recent years the activities recitations began when I left shortly after the Ramadan . Manuscripts is still open when I took myself to read , or when a sudden feeling of self is far from Him . I wonder why the spirit of struggle mengkhatamkan Quran in Ramadan no imprint at all in the next 11 months ? What might be wrong ?

There are at least two things that I can pull my recitations why reading habit was not a trace ( of course based on my personal experience ) :
1 . Manuscripts I did not complete the translation , though eventually the correct way to read it , I was not able to catch the reflection of the contents of the Quran itself.
2 . I was too focused to pursue the final target of the Qur’an, but there is no process of memorizing and understanding the Quran slowly .

Focus on Juz 30
In consideration of the lessons of Ramadan want to get better , eventually to Ramadan this time I decided to limit my recitations just Juz 30 only. Yep , no other letter . My hope is :
- In order to repeat the letter and read the same verse , Photographic memory I have can better capture the string of letters becomes rote .
- Start the self- targeting to memorize at least short letters , memorizing embarrassed if my mail is still the same as high school memorization time .

By repeating these chapters in frequency quite often , I hope that this is the first step to memorize His word . That’s just my modest expectations for this Ramadan .

Source image taken from here .

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Then Ramadan

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Ten years ago
This self knitting dreams in Jurangmangu
Fill the gap today with a variety of science
Ending the night in a string of ablution

Five years ago
This self wallowing with a sense of worker fatigue
Anticipate working until the stroke of ten o’clock
Spend a day in addition to the CPU stunned

One day ago
This self longing circular in science council
Enjoy the whole Qur’an ma’rifat heart
Spent days memorizing a collection of revelations

Apologize for any errors and oversight conducted by saia far. Either intentional or not, conveyed or stored meeting, gives another intention in oral or spoken.

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The spirit of harmony Dieng

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Eventually her magical journey through the Dieng Plateau was also carried out on August 14 to 17 . A very memorable trip because knacks accompanying story with Amri , Novi , Kristian , and Aris . Start of departure who spent nearly seventeen hours , the total cost miscalculations , until the story of borrowing a camera that almost failed . But it all paid off as footsteps pounded Wonosobo , one in charge of the district in addition Banjarnegara Dieng .

Plateau is located 2,096 meters above sea level is the stretch right in the middle of the island of Java pulse : 500 miles from Ujung Kulon and Bali Strait . As with other volcanic Dieng tourist also has the impression of cold , quiet , and magical . Trip to enjoy a series of attraction begins on the hour when we reached the legs stay in Saturday afternoon . Fatigue that is felt immediately lost when the worn bodies washed cold water Dieng . Considering that time owned only three hours , finally there local guide took us to three places : Colour Lake , ranks cave Semar , Jaran , and wells , and topped the most beautiful craters in Dieng , Sikidang .

Meanwhile, on the second day , the remains of attraction terlengkapi by visiting Arjuna temple complex , Ghatotkacha , and Bima ; Meanwhile, place the non – temple we visited was the crater Sileri , Pengilon , and Wells Jalatunda .

Noting the attractions offered by Dieng , I see the superiority lies in a complete tour package . The series of lakes , caves , temples , wells , craters , mountains served up a typical plantation complete with a beautiful landscape . I think Dieng is a blend of the exquisite twists Peak hills , magical Prambanan , Garut cold air , and the beauty of the rising sun Bromo .

Rising sun Sikunir
Dodi in SikunirTanpa obtain pictures of the sunrise at Mount Sikunir , a trip to Dieng not feel complete . That’s why we were so excited when chasing the sun mendentang wall clock at number four . Together the two dozen people who want to witness the beauty of the sunrise in Dieng , footsteps were still enforced despite cold mencucuk bone . Although the ascent route made ​​us all breathless , we also obtain photographs of beautiful and magical there .

Climbing Mount Sikunir many small injections gave me encouragement. That moment up there , I want to repeat in the hills and mountains in Indonesia . The challenge was there and only the strong desire of us are able to conquer it .

The spirit of harmony Dieng

Tolerance produces Harmony
Childbirth harmony bliss

Citation harmony triggered by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism , Jero Wacik when he inaugurated the Museum Kaliasa last year . The museum presents the Hindu trip in Dieng complete with historical footage during the Sailendra dynasty within eight minutes . Taking Titi Kolo Mongso background music ( Sujiwo Tedjo ) , this recording was more enjoyable than the solemn record presented in Dieng Plateau Theatre . Probably because the latter is more telling than the scientific aspects rather than historical .

Observing life in Dieng reminds me of the greatness of this country . Although until now the plain is believed to be the abode of the gods of the Hindu religious beliefs , the current majority Muslim population actually Dieng . Harmonies are so sweet when they are Muslims trying to maintain and preserve the cultures of other religions .

Travel wisdom
Independence Day celebrations this year gave me a lot of passion for berbhakti to this country . And Dieng taught me harmony , that difference will be sustainable no where else to remind man of imperfections .

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Dreams in the Land of Three Roof Java

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Three more days , I along with several colleagues from the online community will backpacker ‘s to one of the central plateau of land known in Java , Dieng . Famous because it never happened in the area of toxic gas tragedy that killed 149 Crater Sinila citizens in 1979 . Trip for me personally this is a first step to realize my dream a few years ago : to reach the roofs of the earth on the island of Java . Initially I was eager to reach the highest rooftops in each region : Mount Ciremai in the west , Merapi or Slamet in central and eastern parts of Semeru . But ultimately the choice of the dream was aligned in the span of the next three years as follows:

Gede – Semeru – Gn Sikunir

Dieng Plateau – Central (2009 )
Selecting this plateau as a first step solely based on technical readiness . If I still choose Mrapi to reach the roof of the middle of the island of Java , I think it is quite risky to climb inadequate experience . By ` just ` hill climbing Mount Sikunir in the range of 2.565m dapl , I think it would be enough stock for expeditions into the mountains higher .

Mount Gede – West ( 2010)
Mount Gede is the best choice based on the liver and childhood experiences . Heart because my birth , major , and probably will spend my life in western Java . Heart because I was inspired by the figure Gie much influence the spirit and courage of mountain climbers . And careful because since childhood I was very fond of the series Wiro Sableng , Naga Geni 212 Axe Warrior , which is headquartered in Mountain hahaha .

Mahameru – East ( 2011)
Then the option to reach the roof in the eastern hemisphere are summarized in a mountain located at an altitude of 3,676 above sea level . Many stories are scattered , which gives another inspiration , and the lessons learned from the King of the Mountains in the land of Java . For me , life without tasting Mahameru , such as life without salt . There is no perfect frame for documenting fragments of my life .

Three mountains , three regions , in the next three years . Hopefully the Almighty gives me the opportunity to be able to understand the meaning of the conquest of the mountain tops : that we , humans , are creatures of very weak for favors mengkufuri life He has given us every day .
Sources shooting : 1 , 2 , and 3 .

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Holy Lestarini, initiator Ladangbuku.com

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July 29, 2009 is a historic day for the life of the Holy Lestarini , who nicknamed Leni . Historic because on that day his efforts to realize a book in the realm of online rental materialized . Taking place in the facebook application note , Leni rental history was introduced into the realm of this book online Indonesia.

ladangbukuIde and the concept of online book rental business conceived two years ago when he realized that the conventional book rental business he runs with his brother in Cipete numbers running in place . Observing that the book business in the online world began to bloom in recent years, such as kutukutubuku , opening the idea to introduce their business to the virtual world . Together with Sindayu Annisa Aprilia Hartami , Toni Generous , Big Zaman , and Famella R , they form a solid team named Garuda in My Chest to the development of this business . The concept of this online book rental business has ever filed in the National level Science Week Competition .

The purpose of this effort is to provide access to reading books easier for people . By renting a book , at a cost that is cheaper than buying , is expected to arise in the future movement of like reading a book . Prior to launching this business to the online realm , Leni already has 100 members consisting of various groups such as pak guard wife , abege until grandfathers , young executives , to huckster donuts . Leni was committed to providing quality books with no genre focus in the comic book rental business as other businesses .

Although the idea of ​​an online book rental business idea first recognition in Indonesia at that time , in terms of birth ladangbuku preceded by similar efforts in Surabaya , bookoomoo . This last attempt even have started providing shuttle service to book their houses in Surabaya . This is a dream within a period of one year to the next .

Her supporting role model
The spirit of entrepreneurship early on made ​​by Leni consider the financial condition of his family were mediocre. His mother , who is the number one role model in his life , a single parent who managed to send their children to college to capitalize copiers and trinkets office stationery . So the idea of creating money he began to develop since junior high school to start a business with key ring .

Dream for Indonesia
leni – malaysiaPerempuan veiled like to think this ever student exchange program , the ASEAN University Network , at the University of Malaya for four months . Procession of cultural exchange in a neighboring country Leni realize that Indonesia has the potential to become a great nation . He hopes that young children do not sluggish Indonesian , creative , high -power struggle , and always grateful .

Currently he is an active social program , the Indonesia International Workcamp ( IIWC ) is a program to help people who are less fortunate in the outposts . Meanwhile in the online realm , together with his colleague he was keen to build a website to inform the Indonesian Achievement young children the name of Indonesia in the international world . The hope in the future this site will be an inspiration for the youth of Indonesia to keep fighting and working for Indonesia .

Closing the interview online , Leni quote one sentence that became lighter spirit in his life : ” look at the sky to reach the dream , behold the earth to be grateful for what they have given ” . Good luck to you , Len !

More detailed information about rental book can be found at the site ladangbuku .

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For A Maturing

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Pebble gravel road definitely stretches in each
All you need to do instead of profanity
Moreover picked for you to companion ejection
But get rid of the gravel as much as you’re able

Shrubs are always present in every ascent
All you need do not complain sweat
Moreover, do not want to cut off retreat for injured
But the thicket depleted tripe as strong as you can

Convince us
At each end of the journey there is happiness
At each end of the climb there is wisdom stored
For a maturing process we as human

Ki – Ka : Ade-Heru-Diding-Tika-Alfian-Lukman-Iman-Liana-Eno-Ocha-Gege-Dwi-Luvie-Aldo-Leni-Ifa-Shandy-Maula-Mima-Luqman-Ardi-Doni-Hadyan-Yons

Congratulate friends working for the struggle in the management deBlogger :
Dodi Mulyana ( Chairman )
Retno Wulandari ( Secretary )
Tri Mustika Dewi ( Treasurer )
Lukman Nulhakim , Aris Sunawar ( Membership )
Faith Solomon , refaldo Fanther , M.Maula NH ( R & D )
Hidalgo Shandy , Tommy Herdiansyah , Luqman Syauqi ( Web Master )
Ferdias Ramadoni , Luvie Bed , Yelfitria Roza ( Web Admin )
Ardiansyah , Holy Lestarini , Kirana Khanifa ( Social and Community )
Rooswhan Budhi Utomo , Diding Soegama , Taris Hadyan Akbar ( Operating Fund )
Yons Achmad , Pradipta Holds First , Lianatus Solihah ( Media )
Mirma YF , Dwi Widiastuti , Alfian Kharisma ( Events and Promotions )

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Choosing the Autumn Concept as a cloak Blog

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Thank God , finally the struggle to build a new ` home ` to finish my blog as well . It took about three weeks to finally be confident to introduce this new home to friends blogger . Thank you for MBA Maya , Om Gajahpesing , and Amri continuous support of this blog . Saia fortunate to be acquainted well with you guys ( worship )
Choosing the Autumn Concept
autumnJujur course , the hardest part of blogging activities beginning with your own domain was not set set up in cpanel , but instead chose a theme wordpressnya . Seriously ! I took about two weeks to finally choose the Autumn Concept created by Ed Merritt . This theme was originally saia found in one of the blogs that inspired me with his writings : Faith Brotoseno ( Chairman of Pesta Blogger 2009) . Saia had wanted to use another theme that might have never been used by other bloggers ; However , because overdo love with the simplicity theme Autumn Concept , ultimately the choice was still drawn to this theme ( with some modifications of color , and photography ) .
Election – sidebar sidebar required course starts from the most standard : calendar , blog friends , blog inspiration , and affiliations . Calendar is used to replace the visual archive posts . Meanwhile friend and blog inspiration blog is intended to provide a blog link them to readers of this blog : blog friends come from virtual friends when saia blogwalking , plurking , or any offline activities such as gathering . Affiliations themselves are activities related to the world of blogging that so far I follow : deBlogger for saia activities in Depok , Blogarut for in Garut , and Pesta Blogger for gathering all the activities of bloggers from all over Indonesia .
However , the hardest precisely the simplest sidebar : About Me . It is not easy for saia to describe the four sentences below :

A transmission engineer who loves blogging reason for its mind sharing . A long lasting student who has a passion to teach and help unlucky communities . A literature lovers who can ignore the crowd when drew to the interesting poems , history books , or novels . If you have these three keywords : life observer , natural lover , and book worm , we can synch ourselves easily.

One of the highlights of the Autumn Concept possible placement quite a big picture in the header. It is interesting to saia to collect photographs for this activity so saia tag : framing fragments of life can be created .
Photo 1 and 2nd photographing two events which must be liked by everyone : a conversation and jeprat -snap . Photo 3 and 4 illustrate the saia favorite writing activities and challenges ( bottom image shows the saia who was going through the iron railings on the outskirts on the 5th floor of a shopping complex in Flower Market , Surabaya ) . Photo 5 ( middle ) is a picture of when I was doing the migration traffic transmission activities in the area Tandes , Surabaya promptly at 12 am . Meanwhile friends saia in BTS and Microwave Engineer team displayed in the photo the 6th time when the boss saia , Sung Youl Mr.Sin hold farewell party . Saia always loved the sea ( although more like a mountain ) , in the 7th photo looks saia enjoying a pile of rocks that resemble a snake in Watu Ulo Jember . And the last photo is a favorite photo saia saia because in the picture it looks more plump and cheerful ( thanks to Lisa over one month trip round his East Java ) . But the photo was eventually defeated by a favorite photo on the About Me – thanks to Riky .

Selection of Colors
Compared with the use of color gray is the default theme or orange ( cream ) used by Mas Iman , saia personally chose the color ‘ green ‘ as a concept tones saia blog . After comparing the three colors , which saia get when using green color is convenience . And it seems saia green enthusiasts too , refers to the concept paper Color saia previous blog .

Of course a lot of hope that this blog seems more lively , informative , and feature rich . Anyway realize quite difficult for saia saia to say ` love ` for something , and with a design like this blog can legowo saia saia satisfied and happy that . Hopefully :-) )

Hopefully this blog can give color to the lives of all my friends , no matter how small still means big for saia . Let’s keep our friendship , friend ( gym )

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