8 July 2009

Choosing the Autumn Concept as a cloak Blog

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Thank God , finally the struggle to build a new ` home ` to finish my blog as well . It took about three weeks to finally be confident to introduce this new home to friends blogger . Thank you for MBA Maya , Om Gajahpesing , and Amri continuous support of this blog . Saia fortunate to be acquainted well with you guys ( worship )
Choosing the Autumn Concept
autumnJujur course , the hardest part of blogging activities beginning with your own domain was not set set up in cpanel , but instead chose a theme wordpressnya . Seriously ! I took about two weeks to finally choose the Autumn Concept created by Ed Merritt . This theme was originally saia found in one of the blogs that inspired me with his writings : Faith Brotoseno ( Chairman of Pesta Blogger 2009) . Saia had wanted to use another theme that might have never been used by other bloggers ; However , because overdo love with the simplicity theme Autumn Concept , ultimately the choice was still drawn to this theme ( with some modifications of color , and photography ) .
Election – sidebar sidebar required course starts from the most standard : calendar , blog friends , blog inspiration , and affiliations . Calendar is used to replace the visual archive posts . Meanwhile friend and blog inspiration blog is intended to provide a blog link them to readers of this blog : blog friends come from virtual friends when saia blogwalking , plurking , or any offline activities such as gathering . Affiliations themselves are activities related to the world of blogging that so far I follow : deBlogger for saia activities in Depok , Blogarut for in Garut , and Pesta Blogger for gathering all the activities of bloggers from all over Indonesia .
However , the hardest precisely the simplest sidebar : About Me . It is not easy for saia to describe the four sentences below :

A transmission engineer who loves blogging reason for its mind sharing consultation d'un médecin . A long lasting student who has a passion to teach and help unlucky communities . A literature lovers who can ignore the crowd when drew to the interesting poems , history books , or novels . If you have these three keywords : life observer , natural lover , and book worm , we can synch ourselves easily.

One of the highlights of the Autumn Concept possible placement quite a big picture in the header. It is interesting to saia to collect photographs for this activity so saia tag : framing fragments of life can be created .
Photo 1 and 2nd photographing two events which must be liked by everyone : a conversation and jeprat -snap . Photo 3 and 4 illustrate the saia favorite writing activities and challenges ( bottom image shows the saia who was going through the iron railings on the outskirts on the 5th floor of a shopping complex in Flower Market , Surabaya ) . Photo 5 ( middle ) is a picture of when I was doing the migration traffic transmission activities in the area Tandes , Surabaya promptly at 12 am . Meanwhile friends saia in BTS and Microwave Engineer team displayed in the photo the 6th time when the boss saia , Sung Youl Mr.Sin hold farewell party . Saia always loved the sea ( although more like a mountain ) , in the 7th photo looks saia enjoying a pile of rocks that resemble a snake in Watu Ulo Jember . And the last photo is a favorite photo saia saia because in the picture it looks more plump and cheerful ( thanks to Lisa over one month trip round his East Java ) . But the photo was eventually defeated by a favorite photo on the About Me – thanks to Riky .

Selection of Colors
Compared with the use of color gray is the default theme or orange ( cream ) used by Mas Iman , saia personally chose the color ‘ green ‘ as a concept tones saia blog . After comparing the three colors , which saia get when using green color is convenience . And it seems saia green enthusiasts too , refers to the concept paper Color saia previous blog .

Of course a lot of hope that this blog seems more lively , informative , and feature rich . Anyway realize quite difficult for saia saia to say ` love ` for something , and with a design like this blog can legowo saia saia satisfied and happy that . Hopefully :-) )

Hopefully this blog can give color to the lives of all my friends , no matter how small still means big for saia . Let’s keep our friendship , friend ( gym )