8 September 2009

deBlogger Sharing in Holy Month

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When reading posts about the blogger friends waning concerns the values ​​of Indonesian identity as a nation , I suddenly very smothering jealousy . I envy how Mr Sawali , MBA Maya , Mas Itempoeti , and other bloggers trying to ` think ` something to contribute ideas and thoughts in accordance with their respective fields . Until at one moment , I promised myself that I would want to donate one writing as a form of shared concern .

Restoring National Identity
Restore Identity BangsaMeski I have not been interested in taking direct his SEO contest , I support the spirit of this contest was echoed by bawdy amid the scars our lives as a nation will thrive once considered ` large ` . And find deBlogger as my container and blogger friends Depok to ` do something ‘ , I think this is what we can offer : earthing back to share the spirit of the people of Indonesia . And as a first step , 19 members deBlogger hold social events in a nursing home Majesty Business Foundation , located on Jl . Neat no.20 , cottage Lightning , Sawangan Depok on September 5 . This series of events coordinated by Mirma Yudha Ferdowsi .

Sharing Love in a nursing home
Share CintaPanti in charge of 18 grandparents is located quite far from the city center of Gurgaon . Board parlors that we inform our arrival in the afternoon put the grandparents home in the hall . At the beginning of the show , they like the crowd was stunned to see that we bring there . Nervousness when they begin to melt together Eka Mas Nira sang one of the popular song Ebiet G.Ade , Say Source Make Dad . The song is still a favorite of mine to donate respectfully bow down to my father (other memories of his father ‘s voice Together Brotherhood ) .

Entering the old songs like Memories of the Way or pair of Eye Ball some grandparents are starting to show their memories to those songs . Even Oma Lastri over the age of 80 years with fluent and melodious singing Red Bridge . How touching when I asked myself when was the last they could sing and dance with this freely .

If colleagues are wondering is there any unexpected things done by them , the answer is certainly no . There Opa and Oma Lastri Beard confessed mortal enemy but sat huddled integral and visible (denial : – P ) , which at the beginning of Oma Amoy just scowled but suddenly menceracau and sing in Chinese , or a sudden Opa invites all members sing deBlogger Flirt Coconut Island although the show had closed . Ah they are still formidable , man ! ( rock )

Once the visit is complete , all members also trooped back toward deBlogger headquarters in KedaiQu . Here we also met some other deBlogger to hold Iftar Online-Apotheke .

Togetherness style deBlogger
Observing that deBlogger have a member who used to document weddings , Ramadoni , we also mendaulatnya entire frame to frame events in a video format . Carrying the spirit of togetherness as a big family , size 27MB video is also used in the entire post with the headline deBlogger deBlogger Sharing the holy month simultaneously on Tuesday, September 8th 22:00 hours :

How comrades , were attracted to the opa and oma share common elsewhere ? Or share food for pedicab driver on the outskirts of the archipelago Way ? Or help school-age children who excel but can not afford to pay for school ? Feel free to join us , Extended Family Blogger Depok .