18 August 2009

The spirit of harmony Dieng

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Eventually her magical journey through the Dieng Plateau was also carried out on August 14 to 17 . A very memorable trip because knacks accompanying story with Amri , Novi , Kristian , and Aris . Start of departure who spent nearly seventeen hours , the total cost miscalculations , until the story of borrowing a camera that almost failed . But it all paid off as footsteps pounded Wonosobo , one in charge of the district in addition Banjarnegara Dieng .

Plateau is located 2,096 meters above sea level is the stretch right in the middle of the island of Java pulse : 500 miles from Ujung Kulon and Bali Strait . As with other volcanic Dieng tourist also has the impression of cold , quiet , and magical . Trip to enjoy a series of attraction begins on the hour when we reached the legs stay in Saturday afternoon . Fatigue that is felt immediately lost when the worn bodies washed cold water Dieng . Considering that time owned only three hours , finally there local guide took us to three places : Colour Lake , ranks cave Semar , Jaran , and wells , and topped the most beautiful craters in Dieng , Sikidang .

Meanwhile, on the second day , the remains of attraction terlengkapi by visiting Arjuna temple complex , Ghatotkacha , and Bima ; Meanwhile, place the non – temple we visited was the crater Sileri , Pengilon , and Wells Jalatunda .

Noting the attractions offered by Dieng , I see the superiority lies in a complete tour package . The series of lakes , caves , temples , wells , craters , mountains served up a typical plantation complete with a beautiful landscape . I think Dieng is a blend of the exquisite twists Peak hills , magical Prambanan , Garut cold air , and the beauty of the rising sun Bromo .

Rising sun Sikunir
Dodi in SikunirTanpa obtain pictures of the sunrise at Mount Sikunir , a trip to Dieng not feel complete . That’s why we were so excited when chasing the sun mendentang wall clock at number four . Together the two dozen people who want to witness the beauty of the sunrise in Dieng , footsteps were still enforced despite cold mencucuk bone . Although the ascent route made ​​us all breathless , we also obtain photographs of beautiful and magical there .


Climbing Mount Sikunir many small injections gave me encouragement. That moment up there , I want to repeat in the hills and mountains in Indonesia . The challenge was there and only the strong desire of us are able to conquer it .

The spirit of harmony Dieng

Tolerance produces Harmony
Childbirth harmony bliss

Citation harmony triggered by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism , Jero Wacik when he inaugurated the Museum Kaliasa last year . The museum presents the Hindu trip in Dieng complete with historical footage during the Sailendra dynasty within eight minutes . Taking Titi Kolo Mongso background music ( Sujiwo Tedjo ) , this recording was more enjoyable than the solemn record presented in Dieng Plateau Theatre . Probably because the latter is more telling than the scientific aspects rather than historical .

Observing life in Dieng reminds me of the greatness of this country . Although until now the plain is believed to be the abode of the gods of the Hindu religious beliefs , the current majority Muslim population actually Dieng . Harmonies are so sweet when they are Muslims trying to maintain and preserve the cultures of other religions .

Travel wisdom
Independence Day celebrations this year gave me a lot of passion for berbhakti to this country . And Dieng taught me harmony , that difference will be sustainable no where else to remind man of imperfections .