11 August 2009

Dreams in the Land of Three Roof Java

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Three more days , I along with several colleagues from the online community will backpacker ‘s to one of the central plateau of land known in Java , Dieng . Famous because it never happened in the area of toxic gas tragedy that killed 149 Crater Sinila citizens in 1979 . Trip for me personally this is a first step to realize my dream a few years ago : to reach the roofs of the earth on the island of Java . Initially I was eager to reach the highest rooftops in each region : Mount Ciremai in the west , Merapi or Slamet in central and eastern parts of Semeru . But ultimately the choice of the dream was aligned in the span of the next three years as follows:

Gede – Semeru – Gn Sikunir

Dieng Plateau – Central (2009 )
Selecting this plateau as a first step solely based on technical readiness . If I still choose Mrapi to reach the roof of the middle of the island of Java , I think it is quite risky to climb inadequate experience . By ` just ` hill climbing Mount Sikunir in the range of 2.565m dapl , I think it would be enough stock for expeditions into the mountains higher .

Mount Gede – West ( 2010)
Mount Gede is the best choice based on the liver and childhood experiences . Heart because my birth , major , and probably will spend my life in western Java . Heart because I was inspired by the figure Gie much influence the spirit and courage of mountain climbers . And careful because since childhood I was very fond of the series Wiro Sableng , Naga Geni 212 Axe Warrior , which is headquartered in Mountain hahaha .


Mahameru – East ( 2011)
Then the option to reach the roof in the eastern hemisphere are summarized in a mountain located at an altitude of 3,676 above sea level . Many stories are scattered , which gives another inspiration , and the lessons learned from the King of the Mountains in the land of Java . For me , life without tasting Mahameru , such as life without salt . There is no perfect frame for documenting fragments of my life .

Three mountains , three regions , in the next three years . Hopefully the Almighty gives me the opportunity to be able to understand the meaning of the conquest of the mountain tops : that we , humans , are creatures of very weak for favors mengkufuri life He has given us every day .
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