25 August 2009

Changing Strategies recitation Ramadan

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I still remember when I was sitting in 6th grade Emak make special cone for us because his mosque could mengkhatamkan Quran for the first time . One small celebration for her parents who still exist today in the corners of Bekasi hometown .

And I still remember well , when I read the Quran gives guidance to my friend , Erik , whose age within three years under me . I can not help but smile remembering the moment when I led her from Iqra 1 , encouraged him when he was a fool , and scolded when he repeatedly made ​​the same mistake . Ah finally taukah friend , it all paid off when he was succeeded mengkhatamkan Quran one year later .

Kisses Boy QuranBerbicara the recitations habits in Ramadan , I ask spirit menggebubu always after tarawih shortly after the first . Opening Manuscripts from the beginning , I immediately step on the gas completing the longest letter , Al- Baqarah . For later when myself busy with studying or working , the speed that had been in a state pol gas was slowly decreased and decreased until at the end of Ramadan . Although ultimately these lips smiled broadly when Manuscripts sheet touching verse ‘ Amma yatasaa aluun . Did comrades , when we reach the 30 juz finished it was like to run a marathon or climb a mountain . Felt relieved when the tongue is reading An Naas .

Where escape of spirit of Ramadan ?
Somehow , I often pondered why in recent years the activities recitations began when I left shortly after the Ramadan . Manuscripts is still open when I took myself to read , or when a sudden feeling of self is far from Him . I wonder why the spirit of struggle mengkhatamkan Quran in Ramadan no imprint at all in the next 11 months ? What might be wrong ?

There are at least two things that I can pull my recitations why reading habit was not a trace ( of course based on my personal experience ) :
1 . Manuscripts I did not complete the translation , though eventually the correct way to read it , I was not able to catch the reflection of the contents of the Quran itself.
2 . I was too focused to pursue the final target of the Qur’an, but there is no process of memorizing and understanding the Quran slowly .

Focus on Juz 30
In consideration of the lessons of Ramadan want to get better , eventually to Ramadan this time I decided to limit my recitations just Juz 30 only. Yep , no other letter . My hope is : gå till källan
- In order to repeat the letter and read the same verse , Photographic memory I have can better capture the string of letters becomes rote .
- Start the self- targeting to memorize at least short letters , memorizing embarrassed if my mail is still the same as high school memorization time .

By repeating these chapters in frequency quite often , I hope that this is the first step to memorize His word . That’s just my modest expectations for this Ramadan .

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