3 August 2009

Holy Lestarini, initiator Ladangbuku.com

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July 29, 2009 is a historic day for the life of the Holy Lestarini , who nicknamed Leni . Historic because on that day his efforts to realize a book in the realm of online rental materialized . Taking place in the facebook application note , Leni rental history was introduced into the realm of this book online Indonesia.

ladangbukuIde and the concept of online book rental business conceived two years ago when he realized that the conventional book rental business he runs with his brother in Cipete numbers running in place . Observing that the book business in the online world began to bloom in recent years, such as kutukutubuku , opening the idea to introduce their business to the virtual world . Together with Sindayu Annisa Aprilia Hartami , Toni Generous , Big Zaman , and Famella R , they form a solid team named Garuda in My Chest to the development of this business . The concept of this online book rental business has ever filed in the National level Science Week Competition .

The purpose of this effort is to provide access to reading books easier for people . By renting a book , at a cost that is cheaper than buying , is expected to arise in the future movement of like reading a book . Prior to launching this business to the online realm , Leni already has 100 members consisting of various groups such as pak guard wife , abege until grandfathers , young executives , to huckster donuts . Leni was committed to providing quality books with no genre focus in the comic book rental business as other businesses .

Although the idea of ​​an online book rental business idea first recognition in Indonesia at that time , in terms of birth ladangbuku preceded by similar efforts in Surabaya , bookoomoo . This last attempt even have started providing shuttle service to book their houses in Surabaya . This is a dream within a period of one year to the next .

Her supporting role model
The spirit of entrepreneurship early on made ​​by Leni consider the financial condition of his family were mediocre. His mother , who is the number one role model in his life , a single parent who managed to send their children to college to capitalize copiers and trinkets office stationery . So the idea of creating money he began to develop since junior high school to start a business with key ring .

Dream for Indonesia
leni – malaysiaPerempuan veiled like to think this ever student exchange program , the ASEAN University Network , at the University of Malaya for four months . Procession of cultural exchange in a neighboring country Leni realize that Indonesia has the potential to become a great nation . He hopes that young children do not sluggish Indonesian , creative , high -power struggle , and always grateful .

Currently he is an active social program , the Indonesia International Workcamp ( IIWC ) is a program to help people who are less fortunate in the outposts . Meanwhile in the online realm , together with his colleague he was keen to build a website to inform the Indonesian Achievement young children the name of Indonesia in the international world . The hope in the future this site will be an inspiration for the youth of Indonesia to keep fighting and working for Indonesia .

Closing the interview online , Leni quote one sentence that became lighter spirit in his life : ” look at the sky to reach the dream , behold the earth to be grateful for what they have given ” . Good luck to you , Len !

More detailed information about rental book can be found at the site ladangbuku .