Behind The Scene

dodi-2-199x300If you believe about ‘ blessing in disguise ‘ , the procession of the birth of my personal blog can be spelled like that . Step back to early 2005 when I decided to make an account on blogspot , I wrote a blog purpose is solely to pour my thoughts about relativity fatigue life . So do not be surprised if in the future such ignorance , I post very very depending on my mood . Could write one article in one month alone was grateful .

Only later when the time came magabut in early October 2008 . ‘m Looking for an escape when browsing activities and YM ‘s with friends becomes a routine . I need a breakthrough , wants to break up with something new . And on the merit of ` small ` my sister , Lisa Anggraeni , I can get acquainted with Plurk . The micro-blogging really opened my mind about how much fun having a new friendship circles , which is not limited because of the school , the office , or the environment . Circle that was invited everyone to enter if you agree or ignore if not comfortable .
Things I could learn from microblogs is writing a blog would be fun if it begins with a short write ( shout out ) . Often times I have a lot of ideas to write but then fell apart in the middle of the road because I was not able to string words again right in the middle of writing the content . Plurk – interface and clicking me when my ideas about an event can be streamed quite in the format of 140 characters .

Thanks to this microblogs anyway , finally I can get acquainted with a lot of bloggers who are already poor across the Indonesian blogosphere . Call it Priyadi , Enda Nasution , Tikabanget , Kuncoro Wastuwibowo , Nukman Luthfie , and last Ndorokakung . Lucky me , four bloggers ‘ve ever seen with my own eyes ( Jakarta bloggers advantages : easy nemuin idol hahaha ) . Until at last I have a new forum to have your heart and mind together with fellow bloggers at where I live now , deBlogger .

Because you want to have more room to be creative , since the end of March I think to buy your own domain . With a nickname dhodie ( once again solely because incidentally) , I also bought a domain by my online friends , Lathiful Amri , Maya , and Gajahpesing .

Expectations about
One may be good at sky-high , but as long as he does not write , he will be lost in the public & of history . Writing is work for eternity ( Pramoedya Ananta Toer )
Read an excerpt from one of the greatest poets of Indonesia, Pramoedya Ananta Toer , I like really slapped . Yes slapped bloody murder ! Many real-life side will give lessons at a later date if I wrote . Events that will remind me if I’m wrong , reprove if I forget , and if I strengthen weak . But I record it all negligent .

Hopefully by writing a memoir of my life , not even the most important though , I could show them one day for my wife , my children , and my grandchildren . Let’s just hope I do not disappear without a trace in the history of my own life .

The Long Journey

Filling blog … not like to race a sprint , so start flag soared flicked to stop immediately in a short time . Managing a blog is like running marathin , maybe even further . Once started , we do not need to rush . Set the speed and breath , also rhythm . The journey is so long . We do not need to rush to stop ( Ndorokakung )
I do not want to make my site is like a meteor , shimmering glow briefly to the then newly resurfaced decades later . I also do not want to analogous sprinter , has a lot of relationships in a flash but when the calculated time series in front of my pant – pant ‘s to look for a new relationship . I want to make my blog grow steadily . Steady . Continuous .

Okay enough basbang his final words I would like to thank sincerely to my new comrades ( bloggers , plurker ) that has colored my life so that it can be unfurled screen .

This post is the last post in blogs free saia :

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