28 August 2009

BBC, Bekasi Blogger Community

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Underlying the BBC has been used by broadcasting stations in the UK , and also by some other bloggers community in Indonesia , the community board finally decided to change the name of the community into which is an acronym Blog Be Bekasi Blogger and invitation to blog . Thank you for the confirmation of the board behind Be Blog : Yul Mas , Mas Irfan , and Mr. Aris Heru .

Blogger BekasiAkhirnya acronym in the world of blogging Jabodetabek Indonesia terlengkapi too . After the advent of the BHI communities and Bloggerjakarta ( Jakarta ) , Blogor ( Bogor ) , deBlogger ( Depok ) , and Fortress ( Tangerang ) , Bekasi was doing pre – launching their blogger community on August 17 last . By taking the name of Bekasi Blogger dot Com ( BBC ) , the community is expected to capture the aspirations of bloggers who are tied to this city . Currently , the board of the BBC being Actively disseminate it to the world community of Indonesian blogging with the motto : Penetrating the Boundary .

BBC and Kompasiana
Although the youngest age bloggernya community between the cities of Jakarta other buffer , the foundation of the BBC was not exactly kidding. Board members consist of senior bloggers are poor across the world of blogging as Mr. Emery Taufiq Gobel, whose blogs have recently won awards Healthy Internet , Mas Yulyanto active in the Asian Blogging Network or Mas Rawi active in the community Hands On Top ( TDA ) . Noted is the youngest board puty Karina , titta här 3 Geological Engineering student at ITB . As Chairman of the BBC , Aris Heru Utomo , an active career in the State Department and Kompasiana . Diversified background promising synergy steady community .

One of the advantages compared to other communities BBC is full support from one of the national citizen journalism , Kompasiana . This is because some of its officials , including Kang Pepih Nugraha ( Kompas.com senior journalist ) , active filling writings there . With nationwide coverage it covers , is expected to echo the BBC can be recognized by other bloggers communities in Indonesia .

Launching plan
Pre Launching BBC

As another blogger community in Indonesia , the BBC also hope to establish cooperation with local authorities . Expected synergies between people , one of which is represented by the blogger with the government as the manager of the city of Bekasi could be established in the future . Currently BBC board also intensively disseminating this community to the local authority . Desire administrators grand launch event can be attended and the BBC inaugurated by the mayor of Bekasi , H.Mochtar Mohamad . Just waiting on the date of the inauguration of this community portal bloggerbekasi .

Synergy BBC and deBlogger
deBlogger | Blogger Community DepokSetelah berhuru – nutrient participate in their portal , I observe there is an interesting phenomenon of this community with an active community of bloggers who I am inside , deBlogger . If in deBlogger almost all active management is of the young bloggers , the BBC is dominated by the senior bloggers . As a member of the world community who are writhing this , I hope to be a good interface for synergy between communities : supporting each other and affect each other in order to realize the hope that the blog became one of alternative communication media that can be relied upon in the development in their respective cities .

The question raised in my mind is why the BBC’s take on the name ? While the name is already used by several community bloggers like BBC Bali , Borneo BBC , and the BBC Batam .