1 September 2009

Paper Boat Menepinya

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When I read the Paper Boat downloaded a site almost a year ago ( sorry Dee ) , at the end of my reading tertohok when it realized that the last two chapters of this book are not included . For some reason . And because I was too lazy to subscribe to the digital version , I decided to wait for the publication of the book in the printed version . After all, I think it should I buy to appreciate the hard work during the writing Dee . After drawling appointment time publisher , Paper Boat was completed pulled over on August 28, 2009 in the nearest bookstores .

In Love with Kugy
Boat KertasDi initial reading of this book , I wondered to myself this was written by Dee ? Koq it feels much lighter than when he ” became ” Bodhi Root or Etra The Lightning ( two sequels Supernova ) . Procession reading was completed in a matter of hours because besides mild language , the story was close to everyday people . About the struggle of love Kugy and Keenan . About those who do not like the uniformity of life . About how they deal with surprise after surprise in their ‘ relationship ‘ .

I fell in love with Kugy , definitely . One of the characters of the women I love . How it is she and her passion to the world of children until he chose to teach children in remote villages can not afford . ` Difference ‘ , that’s what I like .

55 + + Days
Dee makes media blogs as a means to tell the vagaries of writing paper boat in the period October 2007 – March 2008 . I remembered how she looked Head Quarter ( read : living in boarding houses ) , and reminisce with Rida Sita to then get stuck in between Slanker and Viking , and how when the target finally finish writing the book was originally 55 days stretched into 60 days . I really enjoyed the stories . Note : all the stories that he wrote in a blog .

Well , for you are somewhat ilfeel with the severity of Supernova , this book is highly recommended to read. Guaranteed refreshing your mind ! Those who have been or are being read , can share the impression after reading it here . For Dee , congratulations for his paper boat and I am still waiting patiently for her Particles .